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In this section I am going to share with you useful hints, tips and ideas that will help you with your event delivery, more information to follow………..

Avoiding in-house AV tie ins, This is an issue that is very prominent in the US but is also now becoming more and more of an issue in large UK properties too. Having had this challenge come up a lot over the years when working in the US I have put together piece on how charges can be addressed and possibly avoided, I hope you find it of use. Please feel free to feedback or share if you find it useful.

Streaming Made Simple, a user friendly guide for host and attendees to get the most out any webcast.

The A to Z of AV,  includes most of the commonly used terms used by us AV types in meetings or onsite that may need further clarification. It’s not designed to turn everyone into AV experts, its intention is to provide meeting planners with a little more knowledge on the technical terminology used. Download it and keep it on your desktop for those moments when you need to know your aperture from your aspect ratio or your white noise from your woofers!  hopefully you will find it of use…..

Streaming Made Simple

A user friendly guide for hosts and attendees.



A-Z of Audio Visual

Helping you better understand technical jargon used in the world of AV.


Avoiding In-House Tie-Ins

How to avoid In-house
AV Restrictions



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