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Bring your online event to life with our virtual event platform. The app can be fully branded, has polling and Q & A facility for gamification and can integrate with your Teams, Zoom or any other webinar provider.

“The benefit of the app over a purely webinar type solution is that the app becomes your virtual venue, creating a user friendly  bespoke attendee experience. The app is built pre-event and is fully customisable so can be designed to look like an large meeting room, exhibition stand or any other venue or product you wish. The app has many integrated features allowing you to get real time feedback and hold conversations with your delegates, it is very easy to navigate and is managed by a back office team of technicians to guarantee a fantastic user experience. The technicians will manage all the live feeds, provide pre-event briefing material to the presenter so they can make then most from the environment they are presenting from, including lighting and audio direction, virtual backgrounds (presentation branding options) and a full technical rehearsal.


Unlike a webinar the app is designed to work seamlessly across all devices, desktops, iPhone or android, so your attendees can join from whichever device they prefer to use.  A webinar only has a life for the duration of the event itself, with the app you can provide pre-event communication, create attendee profiles and direct delegates into breakout rooms should you want to. Through the app you are also able to provide a mixture of live and pre-recorded contend to enhance the user experience. A standard webinar is fine to deliver one or two top down presentations to an audience of passive viewers but if you would like a truly interactive event experience for your attendees a virtual event app can provide you with this”